Read this before investing in NFT games in 2022?

Read this before investing in NFT games in 2022?

In NFT games, blockchain technology is utilized to: Establish ownership history.

Assets that are safeguarded by a blockchain are immutable, which means they cannot be changed or altered.

All participants may observe and utilize decentralization.

Here is a list of some of the best NFT games you can play in 2021 to make money. These fun nft games free to play allow you to trade items and virtual characters with other players. The Cryto gaming Bulls Telegram channel highlights the most current free-to-play NFT games that may help you make money, and many of them are free NFT games that you may play to win prizes.

Here is a list of the top NFT games to play in 2022.

Here is a list of the blockchain-based NFT games that have been selected for November; some of them are still in the Beta stage and cannot yet be played. To remain up to speed on the newest money-making games, you may subscribe to the Crypto Gaming Bulls Telegram channel.

The Sandbox: The Top Platform for Virtual NFT Gaming in Open Metaverse

You may own land, participate in NFT games, and even create your own games in the virtual metaverse known as the Sandbox. You may rule the vast virtual cosmos as a collector, artist, game judge, or just as a player who wanders the metaverse, switching between different games. The sandbox uses the Ethereum blockchain and has its own currency, called Sand.

Read this before investing in NFT games in 2022?

One of the most well-known bitcoin metaverses is this one. In order to produce models and animations for a future version of the blockchain, it has developed an editor. If you wish to own virtual property or real estate, this is one of the greatest NFT games to play, and it will undoubtedly be very popular in the metaverse.

Battle of Guardians

A real-time multiplayer NFT PvP arena powered by Unreal Engine is called Battle of Guardians (BOG). Users battle to defeat other players in this complex fighting game created on the Solana network in order to get extra rewards. It allows consumers to benefit from the power and unmatched graphics of the blockchain. The vast SciFi gaming world has several locations where players may engage in multi-realm battles. Although BOG is a PC game, it will eventually support cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android.

BOG is aiming to establish a reliable gaming industry with the potential to grow over time because it believes in the metaverse’s future. With incredible aesthetics, distinctive NFTs, and many opportunities to gain real money with each new game released, the BOG offers an interesting and engaging gaming metaverse experience.

At the moment, the worth of the global gaming market exceeds $300 billion. In contrast, fewer than 10% of the whole market is made up of NFT gaming. The video game industry has a lot more potential, especially with the NFT Fighting Game.

Idle Cyber

Idle Cyber is a 2088 frontier defense game in which humans command a group of mutants to defend the wall, dispatch cyborgs, and subdue gigantic monsters in order to save humanity.

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Idle Cyber, which is built on BSC, seems to give a lot of opportunity for players to acquire, stake, and profitably sell NFTs. Investors might get a sizable return on their investment because to the strength of this concept.

Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is an NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain that was inspired by the mythos of the Pokémon. Gamers have access to millions of adorable fantasy animals known as Axies that they may buy, raise, battle, and exchange as virtual pets. Its fundamental tenet is “play to earn,” where gamers are compensated for their efforts and time. You may get these advantages by playing video games in the form of an SLP (Smooth Love Potion) token. SLP tokens may be exchanged for other Ethereum tokens on decentralized exchanges like UniSwap or Binance. Click here to get more about Pokémon.

Perhaps one of the best-designed cryptocurrency concepts is Axie Infinity. Everything, from the user experience to tokenomics, is well studied and implemented. With a market value of $42 million in June 2021 and anticipated sales of more than $1 billion this year, it is now the most expensive NFT collection. Operating platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android are all supported by it. They want to create a virtual economy where people may own and run businesses, save, invest, and spend money without having to visit a bank.

Gods Unchained

In this free-to-play and play-to-earn trading card game, players may build decks and compete with one another. A card trading game similar to Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone is called Gods Unchained. The superb in-game features and intricate animations are credited with the game’s growth to more than $1.3 million in less than a month, according to a statement on the game’s official website. Since the cards are verifiable property in Ethereum, everyone who participates owns their assets. In May 2021, Griffith, The Chosen, a sample NFT card, sold for $12,000.

With a newly formed market and more ways than ever to swap your cards, Gods Unchained seems to be the leading provider of trading card NFT games. Immutable X will power Gods Unchained, and gas-free transactions are supported in the game’s marketplace.


CryptoKitties was the first game developed for the Ethereum network. Players buy, trade, and breed cats to produce desired traits, which are really indivisible, one-of-a-kind ERC-721 tokens. Major NFT gaming exchanges like may sell CryptoKitties. Dapper Labs developed the game using Ethereum, and it was made available in November 2017.

Believe it or not, collecting and caring for digital cats is a fascinating hobby. For instance, the Ethereum network experienced congestion and created headlines due to the game’s popularity in 2017. You may either buy a CryptoKitty off the market or create one by mating two Kitties. Players may gain unusual skills via breeding. By assembling a cat collection, you could also get rewards. After building up a collection, you may bring your cats to KittyVerse to participate in catfights. To complete puzzles, you may work together with other players.


A play-to-earn architecture in the open-world RPG adventure game Illuvium enables players to earn in-game rewards. Because to the connection with Immutable X, players may experience a new era of NFT games. Peer-to-peer minting, 0% gas costs, and rapid transactions are all provided to you while you have secure custody of your money. It combines elements of vintage RPG collecting games with fighting styles made known by the Autobattler genre.

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